Below are some of my works of poetry. We will change them out from time to time to keep the page fresh.
Suddenly Smitten
on a Sunday Afternoon
by Walton Ray

With the randomness of a summer breeze,
a breathtaking vision walked past me
on a Sunday afternoon.
Shapely Satin celestial being
sauntering slowly away from me
without so much as a clue

of how utterly enthralled I was by the African angel
that bewitched me with the subtle
switch in her hips as she walked on by.
Leaving me longing to be raptured with her in the sky.

Staring straight ahead, hers in the clouds,
never bothering to look down
upon the broken hearts and shattered dreams
of unworthy worshippers,
remains of mortal men that foolishly approached her,
now dirt beneath her feet.

Lover's Pledge
by Walton Ray

After a lifetime of searching,
I stare in the face of destiny
unable to find the words to speak
to express the feelings overflowing.

Witnessed from above by the stars and moon,
I make this declaration to you
in a place beyond mortal ears and eyes,
not bound by fleshly, finite minds,
weak words spoken, promises broken
like tinkling cymbals and sounding brass,
vain proclamations not meant to last.

Our love, incorruptible, immortal soul ties
binding us together until our flesh should die
and we close our eyes
looking upon each other for the last time.

We'll journey beyond where our love will carry on for all eternity.
Lover's pledge, a promise of what is and what is yet to be.


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