Below are some of my works of poetry. We will change them out from time to time to keep the page fresh.
Adam's Rib
by Walton Ray

Scooped from the earth, from bone of my bone
formed from the flesh that covers my heart
fashioned by the invisible hands of my Creator,
as I slumbered in a sleep deep and dark,
though the vision was blurry
I saw her in a dream,
an enduring image of my destiny.
my puzzle's missing piece.

Now awake, I search every day
often taken in by a pretty face
or seductive shape.
Naive to those who see love as just a game.

Despite the pain they inflict,
a mysterious soultie,
reaching beyond space and time,
will not let me quit searching
Constantly I chase after her,
longing to share the depth
of my feelings,
love unconditional; unfleeting.



Tirelessly I search for my queen,
the missing part of me.
Knowing someday when our eyes meet
in the midst of a crowd far away,

In that moment she will see
everything that's inside of me
and know instantly
that we were meant to be together.
And finally my quest will be over.
And we'll spend the rest of our lives
making up for lost time.


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