Below are some of my works of poetry. We will change them out from time to time to keep the page fresh.
Paradise Lost
by Walton Ray

Lust blinds me
as I gaze at her body,
feasting greedily on her flesh,
a welcome distraction to the sick reality
that her love isn't free
and will fade soon after the purchase.

Gorging on eye candy
from the dyme store,
desecrating her like the whore
she is, trying to pretend as
we're caught up in the moment,
mistaking it for love,
lust's distant cousin.

In our world of make-believe
I make love to her angrily
'cause normally I wouldn't be worthy
to even touch her.
Even money can't make her stay,
so I ravage her
in a vain attempt to make it last forever,
knowing the second it's over
she'll go away.





Leaving me alone with the empty
disgusting creature without a soul
defiling fallen angels
as we spiral out of control in the sky,
banished from the paradise
we were searching for;
two hearts all but given up on love.


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