Below are some of my works of poetry. We will change them out from time to time to keep the page fresh.
Kingdom of Shadows
by Walton Ray

She who would be queen
sits on her throne atop the pedestal
I foolishly placed her upon, staring through
me with indifferent eyes,
her heart unfazed by the sacrifice
of mine as I lay it before her,
deemed unworthy to bask in the
glory of her deity.

Misguided adoration for a fallen angel
deceived by a naive heart unable to see
her for what she was, doomed to dwell
in the shadows of a future never meant to be.

Heavenly visions morph into hell fire
and brimstone. The price for selling my soul.

Banished to the recesses of my mind
to fantasize in darkness about dwelling in her light.







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