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About the Author

Writing is my passion; my gift.

While not as lucrative or ostentations as the gifts of others, I cherish what God has placed inside of me.

You know when you're operating in your gift when there's nothing in the world you would rather be doing. You're in your element. Like a fish in water, or a bird flying in the sky, when you're operating in that element, you are at your very best. A confidence cloaks you like a garment, filling you with strength.

You're a superhero!

You can do anything!

That's how I feel when I write.

It took a while for me to embrace the gift, because it was different from everyone else's. It took even longer for me to accept myself, because I was different from everyone else.

But once I finally did, and allowed my light to shine, I took my place with the stars in the heavens, shedding light and hope upon those still on that journey of self-discovery.

When Life's journey bring me to yet another valley,

"I kneel at the water's edge,
gazing at the image,
a reflection of the beauty that resides inside of me,
the promise of what's yet to be,
and once again l believe!"
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