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    Blaque Widow: Band of Gold (Winter, 2019)


    What becomes of the broken-hearted?

    Forget what Jimmy Ruffin may have told you in his sad, soulful ‘60s rendition.

    For what cannot be seen is the bitter brew that ferments in the heat of hatred, poisoning the soul.  Leaving the victim in hunger for one thing:


    Guilty and innocent alike will suffer.

    The greatest pain is one of betrayal; when one is discovered not to be who they claimed; living a lie in order to attain an ulterior motive while the other foolishly walks hand in hand. Blinded by love, a fool trusts in a devious guide whose sole purpose is the other's destruction.

    If the betrayer had been merciful and given their prey a quick, clean death, maybe the harvest inevitably reaped would have been less taxing.

    But as we all know, hell hath no fury...

    The first instinct upon being wronged is to inflict an equal or greater level of pain upon the enemy.

    And so the cycle begins. 

    Unending and eternal.

    Just like the Band of Gold.

    This is the story of two people caught up in such a cycle. 

    One will hurt the other, and the other will hurt the one...

    ... until there is but one left.

    But what would seem to be the end will only be the beginning.