The Exclusive Works of Walton Ray

Second Chances

Second Chances, by Walton Ray!  Buy it Today!

Second chances in life are rare...

when it comes to love, they're twice as precious.

When a young man refuses to see the signs of a dying romance, he has to force himself to come to terms with the truth, or doom himself to the fate of his father

when he did the same decades ago with his wayward mother.

Circumstances beyond his control will force Sean Whittaker to choose between his present romance, and a first love that has withstood the test of time as he vacillates between the affections of two women vying for a single prize... his heart.

Which of them will receive a second chance?

Natural Selection: Lazarus Line

Natural Selection:  Lazarus Line, by Walton Ray!  Buy it Today!

Phi-Psi-Phi has no origin.

No beginning.  No end.

Hence the infinity symbol in their date of establishment.

The Alpha and Omega of Black Greek Letter Organizations, "often imitated but never duplicated", the Sons of the Sun now find their fraternity shadowed in a contraversy that threatens the very life of the organization.  

While the remnants of the Omicron-Theta chapter struggle to unearth themselves, and their name, from the ashes of their crash-and-burn, a few of their own work surreptitiously under the cover of darkness to ensure that the "old flames" are not extinguished.

Deceit all but destroyed them, now a web of lies is all that holds them together as forces from without and within threaten to wield the death blow.  

Three honor students on a college exploratory exercise find themselves tangled in that web, fighting to break free from the 

same fate that befelled two young men not much older than they were just a few short years ago.  

What really happened that night?  

Was it an accident?

Was there a cover-up?

Will the world ever find out the truth?

Natural Selection: Solstice

Natural Selection:  Solstice, by Walton Ray!  Buy it Today!

Solstice is an astronomical event that occurs only twice a year, marking the sun's highest and lowest points in relation to Earth.

After weathering the storm of an accidental hazing death that resulted in the fraternity's suspension, Phi-Psi's "Sons of the Sun" are on the verge of a Lazarus-like resurrection, their rise chasing away the shadows that once shrouded their organization. 

However, Maurice's movements in those shadows threaten Kye's legitimate attempts to restore the frat if they continue unchecked.  His influence among the brothers grows by the day as his actions surreptitiously challenge Kye's leadership.  

With Specter, Kye's second-in-command out of the way, it's only a matter of time before he turns his sights on the naive JV to sharpen his claws in preparation for more worthy prey.  

Will another tragedy have to occur before he is stopped?  

Brandon, Tacqua, and Jason join the JV as they delve deeper into a forbidden journey meant to break down and rebuild the men that dare the encounter.  

Natural Selection dictates that not all of them will survive.  

What price will they have to pay in order to do so?